Beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture.

Beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture.
Slovenia has a proud and very beautiful history of beekeeping. The saying, beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture, was first used by the Slovenians.
Its many bee keepers , a ration of 4 to every 1000 citizens, would rank Slovenia as a nation of bee keepers.
The Slovenian association includes over 207 societies and 14 regional associations, with a total of 7,500 bee keepers. It is safe to say Slovenians are emotionally attached to their bees.
The Slovenian beekeepers association has 140 year old history. Its bee keeping centre boasts among other things, beekeeping formalwear and a hymn.
The indigenous ‘autochthonous’ Carniolan bee of Slovenia is close to the hearts of Slovians. The protection of habitat is central to Slovians proposal to lobby for a complete ban on Nionicotiniods.
Like in many European countries, keeping bees was the obvious choice for people on the land. It was a food sweetener and a source of wax.The Slovenians were also key to early research in the science of beekeeping.
Anton Janša (1734-1773) made important discoveries such as drones as more than ‘water carriers’
Slovenia climatic conditions determined both the evolution of the Carniolan bee and the bee box they were housed in. Protected from snow and the heat of summer, these bee houses were closely staked together in long rows and kept in the most sheltered part of the orchard.
The bee tourism of Slovenia is a reflection of the rich tradition bee keepings has in this country. Love for bees is reflected in the beautiful individual designs.